When you acquire the support and knowledge of a highways consultant early on in the process, you will save time, money and enhance your application– Jim Holt Highways & Transport Planning Consultant
  • General Highway Advice
  • Pre-application Advice
  • Access Statements
  • Planning Performance Agreement
  • Transport Note (TAN)
  • Transport Statement (TS)
  • Transport Assessment (TA)
  • Transport Plan (TP)
  • Access Appraisals
  • Welcome Packs
  • Travel Plan Coordinator
  • Public Consultation / Events
  • Planning Appeal, Written Representation, Hearings & Inquiries
  • Planning Committee, Public Site Meetings & Parish / Town Council Meetings

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Access Appraisals & Visibility Requirements

The Local Highway Authority will often raise concerns relating to visibility splay requirements at pre-application stage or object during the course of a planning application.  The Highway Authority refer to Manual for Streets Guidance or the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) for primary routes, but sometimes there is an overlap between which document visibility should be based upon.  There are other occasions where visibility splays can impact on the character of the area or require the removal of trees.  Using my experience I am able to advise/interpret what visibility splays are required using the most appropriate guidance which whilst importantly provide safe and suitable access in agreement/discussion with the Highway Officer but also reduce the impact on character or tree loss.

Steps We Take To Ensure Success

  • Attending the following:
  • pre-app meetings to discuss proposals with the Council
  • planning committee meetings
  • parish/town council meetings
  • local consultation events to answer highway queries
  • Area or Strategic Planning Committee
  • Planning Appeal Hearings or Public Inquiries
  • Site visit to identify whether safe and suitable access can be achieved with suitable visibility splays
  • Road adoption advice for estate road layout under Section 38/278 of the Highways Act
Fellow of the Institute of Highway Engineers
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