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Client Feedback


July 2017

Thanks so much for your expertise and hard work after a long struggle finally got the result we had hoped for, i couldn't have done it without you and would have given up long ago.
Money well spent!
Thanks again to the Situ8 team.


July 2017

Just wanted to say a really big thank you to Sue from Situ8 for handling our pre-planning application.  Can’t recommend Situ8 highly enough.  Sue was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable.  It was a pleasure from start to finish to work in collaboration with you and we are delighted with the outcome.  We look forward to working with you again in the near future when we come to lodge our planning application.  Thanks again!


July 2017

I am writing to you today to express our gratitude for all your hard work.

Situ8 was recommended to us by a builder I was working with, I explained to him that I was hoping to put in an application for 2 building plots, on land we owned, because it was not going to be an easy application, his advice was to engage Situ8 to help us achieve our goal, as he had used you on several occasions with positive results.
From our first meeting we new it was not going to be easy but, you were very knowledgeable and gave us confidence in what you may be able to achieve.
I have to say you certainly have worked tirelessly with our application, we have had a few meetings to discuss certain element that needed working through.
You have kept us up to date with regular phone calls and emails, and you always made yourself very contactable to answer any questions we needed answering.
It took a few months but, happily with your expert knowledge and advice, we were successful in our application.
It is my strong opinion that with out your help we would not of achieved this application.
Situ8 have made this a worry free experience, we cannot thank you enough and would not hesitate to recommend you to any one considering applying for any kind of planning.

We look forward to the next part of our planning and using your services where required.

F.J & C.W

June 2017

I have just had the great news that Situ8 has secured an approval on our planning application. From the first initial contact with Situ8, right through to the approval notice, Attentive to our requirements, and patient with all questions and queries. They always return a phone call or e-mail and keep you updated at every stage. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Once again - Thank you


April 2017

This is something I don’t normally do but felt in this instance I really should. That is write a thanks and recommendation to a company for exceptional service and a job well done.

A few months ago I asked Situ8 for help getting planning permission for a house I wanted to build but had already had indication from planners that they would not support it and in fact would fight me all the way if I decided to apply and that is exactly how it played out. I initially had a visit from Situ8’s Sue Walters who after careful consideration told me this was going to be very difficult and couldn’t predict the outcome. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear but the honest way Sue explained the process,the quality of her knowledge and advice came across to me that I at least had an outside chance of success. This was not someone who just wanted to take a fee and wasn’t bothered about the outcome.

Well many months later my application went to committee, as Sue predicted it would, and much to the surprise of the Planning Dept I got the result I had hoped for all along but didn’t dare think I would win. All through Sue was very professional, had great drive to get success, kept me informed regularly and translated it into basic English for me so I could at least understand a little of what was going on.

I cannot praise and thank Situ8 and in particular Sue for what they did on my behalf but say if you need expert planning advice they are the company to go to. Don’t bother to go elsewhere, you won’t get better service. I will certainly use them again if required.

Thank you Sue and Situ8


March 2017

Many, many thanks for this. Wasn’t sure whether it was going to be possible at times, but has now changed my life. Brilliant service, and aiming to use you again at some point soon..!!
All the best. 



February 2017

Many thanks for your email confirming that you have successfully established our right to continue building at a date after the three year deadline.
Once again we are delighted with you and your firms work.  We appreciate your efficiency and of course competency.  We also know that the planning department hold you in high regard especially your thoroughness.
As you know I have recommended you and your firm to a local friend and will if the occasion arises do so again.

With best regards



February 2017

Thank you to the whole team at Situ8 who were successful in this recent planning application. 



January 2017

I wanted to thank you and your team for doing such an incredible job on the planning application for Featherbeds. I’ve been so impressed with your attention to detail and how quickly you reacted to any situation that needed dealing with. Your depth of knowledge of the planning process is profound, and your advice on the correct way of proceeding  faultless. We were all aware that it could be a tricky application but I always felt that I was in safe hands. I am in no doubt that the wonderfully positive outcome at the first attempt was due to your efforts on our behalf.

Due to you, my family and I enter 2017 with a spring in our step! With very best wishes to you for the New Year.


December 2016

Thank you to Situ8 for your planning advice and constructive support for our successful planning application.
It had been a disappointing and negative experience in conversation with county planning, until we secured the planning consultation services of Situ8.
Your positive approach to overcome the planning hurdles placed in our path, won the day !

PG and S.G 


November 2016

Thank you for your work regarding the planning. I was expecting to get permission on the rear as it was fairly uncontentious but the dormer was really a complete flyer as I know many others have been turned down so I am amazed and delighted. I guess it shows the power of using a professional to put together a case so well done and thank you very much. Hopefully you will come over and see the results when we finish the work.


November 2016

Thank you so much! We are so chuffed with the great news, we finally have planning permission!!!

Thanks for your continuous hard work on our part and making the process as stress free and easy for us as it has been. If anyone is serious about getting planning permission, I would highly recommend contacting Situ8!



October 2016
Thank you for the news that the Planning Permission has been granted. I would like to say how impressed I am with the simplicity and ease with which Situ8 dealt with this whole issue and would certainly recommend their services to anyone wishing to secure Planning Permissions or other related projects.



Thank you for your confirmation of the planning decision for the house and bungalow.
May I take this opportunity to thank you for what has been an exceptionally high level of service. Your dedication to the customer and your attention to detail has been first class.
I will be happily recommending you to other people.

Kind regards



August 2016

Great Service

Situ8 has been brilliant

Cheque in post

Big thanks 



July 2016

I am so happy that all the planning and effort that Situ8 put in for our application, for the change of use for The Marine Guest House was successful!
It was a pleasure working with her.
She is a credit to Situ8 and I will highly recommend your company to anyone and everyone who needs help with planning!!!!
With kind regards,


June 2016 

Hi Sue. Thank you for forwarding the wonderful letter! We are more than happy with it. All is correct and we feel all points covered so no need to add anything else. Happy for you to go ahead and forward this to Mr Sleeman at Cornwall Council. Thank you again for rushing this through for us, we know it was short notice for you. We will definitely recommend you and won't hesitate to use your company again if we need any more help with this further down the line. Fingers crossed we won't need it! 

 S and E.P


April 2016

Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience in putting this application together for me.
I really appreciate all you have done and your enthusiasm in supporting my vision.
It's coming together!!!!



March 2016

It’s just fantastic, and we couldn’t have done it without you!!

Thanks so much for all your help and guidance. I can’t believe the long nightmare is now actually over.

John and I just can’t thank you enough!!




February 2016

Thank you so much for your efforts and professionalism; not giving up when things appeared bleak and guiding the process to a successful conclusion.

We really do appreciate your efforts.




December 2015

You have been absolutely fantastic! 

It's very rare these days to find someone so willing to help with matters like this and you have changed our outlook for the future immeasurably for the better.

 Thank you so much it was a pleasure to meet you and we shall always highly recommend you to both friends, family and acquaintances alike.

 We will not hesitate to contact you with any future planning concerns.


September 2015

You have guided us through this minefield with a calm confidence and a few bumps along the way.  We are very grateful to you and we will, of course, ask you to come and see it when it is done, and drink to the long life and happiness of all who live in it!
Now the long slog begins.  First I will find out what we do next and then we will slowly start the process.  Probably nothing will happen now until the spring, but quotes and decisions will start in earnest.  We are lucky there is no hurry.  But you will be the first to come and drink a glass of champagne on our balcony!

If you want us to assure any new clients as to just how pleased we are with Situ8 please ask them to ring us.  You have got us a result which we hoped for but realise was quite a big ask.

Best wishes


July 2015

Many thanks for the good news and the very efficient professional way you have conducted matters. Without your help we would not have reached this outcome so readily and within this time scale.

As you say, this is a first step and I am sure we will require similar guidance in the future.

Many thanks once again.



January 2015

I was introduced to Sue Walters at Situ8 by an estate agent who believed I should have a second opinion regarding my idea of building a sustainable dwelling on a small plot of amenity land. Throughout the process from inception to the granting of planning permission I was impressed by Sues integrity and resourcefulness. The help and support I received from Sue enabled me to turn my dream into a reality for which I am immensely grateful.



January 2014

In regard to a development scheme at Bude PS says Thanks, Good News and well done!


January 2014

CM wishes to thank Situ8 for an exceptional piece of work!


January 2014

Comments from a very  happy client  who had a refusal from CC, Situ8 Ltd managed to turn the decision around on a slightly amended scheme  

SS duly confirmed the following “ Many thanks to you for guiding us through this process. There is little doubt that we would not have achieved this outcome without your considerable input, guidance and support”


October 2013

Dear All

 I am pleased to say that as of yesterday the whole SHA programme in Cornwall was under contract and ‘on site’ – I thought that I would e-mail you all to say a sincere thanks for all the effort that has gone in from all of you.

 It was almost exactly 3 years ago that the CSR was announced (I remember this because I was inFloridareading about it on my laptop!) – although we had an idea that we would be bidding on a joint Kier/SHA package at that stage it is fair to say it was a completely cold start and so I think it is a pretty impressive achievement to have got not only the 200 homes we bid on to start on site (a few months ago) but also to have delivered an additional 201 homes as well, and so thank you everyone for all the effort from Shaun and I yomping round in fields to Angela hassling the crap out of the council officers.

 I think sometimes it is important to look at the outcome that we are delivering as we all become obsessed with planning conditions, consumer units and retaining walls and deeds of variation and other mind numbing junk and forget what we are actually going.

 424 brand new energy efficient homes for local people who, for whatever reason, can’t afford to live on the areas they grew up in – this supports the schools and business in these areas (think St Just) that would otherwise peter out and die amidst a wave of second home owners retiring down here;

 Over 1600 people will live in these homes, that’s 1500 people taken off of the housing waiting list and out of the uncertainty of the private rented market and out of, often, badly managed properties that are expensive to live in – to be able to securely live in a home managed by a reputable landlord built to a high standard;

 We have attracted over £5million pounds in central government funding to Cornwall as we as taken up £4.12 million of council funding and produced over £45million pounds worth of construction and consultation work for business based in Devon and Cornwall ( I am counting Kier because most of you live there);

 More than 50 work placements will have been produced, at least 14 new apprenticeships and more than 16 permanent jobs created;

 We have unlocked 7 stalled housing sites sat with planning permission but not being delivered.

……and all because we made a decision that we wanted to make a name for ourselves and produce something that put us on the map. 

 3 years ago SHA was a bit player in Cornwall, we were reluctantly allowed on the CHP and pretty much tolerated, in the 3 years since then we had the biggest bid in the 11/15 round and have delivered it and although we only have the 2nd biggest Council funded programme we have actually delivered ours already, unlike most of the others (no names (DCH!!)), and have been asked to deliver more to make up for under performance elsewhere.  So it’s fair to say what has been achieved in the last 3 years has made SHA one of the preferred partners inCornwall and certainly the most successful in the current programme and very well respected for doing what we say we will.

 So please accept my/Sanctuary’s sincere thanks for all of your help  (I have copied in a load  of people but I am sure I have not included everyone that deserves it so please pass this on) this goes from Ben, Shaun, Paul and John who were there at the start, to all of the design/site managers and trainees/apprentices and the many consultants who worked at risk to allow this to happen – you are all part of something impressive to be proud of. 

Thanks again – now we just have to build the things!!

 By the way following this e-mail normal service will be resumed and I will be back moaning and swearing!!!


Neil Clements, Development Manager, Sanctuary Group


"Following recent successful projects together we would be more than happy to recommend Situ8 for their approachable, professional and sustainably focused service. Our clients are happy clients."

 Robbie Walton of Studio Arc, Truro


"Situ8 aided us with our application and we were granted planning in June 2009. We were so pleased that we were put in touch with Situ8, and are very grateful for the help given. Lisa was on hand whenever we needed her and we found the whole company to be very professional, polite, helpful, friendly and added a personal touch to all of their work. Thank you very much."

Mr & Mrs Brown


"We have been particularly impressed on our recent Green Acres project. We have appreciated the pressure from Situ8 to become more sustainable as we strongly believe that this feature will enhance the overall viability and will attract visitors and investors, therefore making it a sustainable business proposition as well as an environmental one."

 Jeff Smith, Director of Travelsmith Holidays Ltd


"As designers of bespoke housing and high quality speculative developments we have been delighted to have the opportunity to work with Situ8 in both the pre-planning and planning stages of several projects. We have found their approach to all design and sustainability issues to be clear and concise, their briefing sketches and documentation well presented and accurate. It is our professional opinion that Situ8's involvement in negotiating planning applications has resulted in faster decisions upon these applications, together with a higher rate of success in obtaining consents."

 Mike Bacon, Architect at Bespoke Design


"I am collaborating with the team at Situ8 on several design projects and am finding that their input at the early stages of the design process is proving to be very significant. Their knowledge and understanding of the sustainable limits to which a building can be extended is proving to be an invaluable help throughout the course of a building project. They are a young team who will achieve much success."

Christopher Jones Architect


"Being a builder and developer I find it difficult to keep up with ever changing policies and legislation and as we all know global warming is a frightening concept at present and for future years. It wasn't until I changed planning consultants to Situ8 that I realised how much of an impact I could have on contributing towards sustainable and environmentally friendly developments. Situ8's knowledge and resourcefulness in renewable energy and sustainability has proved invaluable when consulting with local authorities and as a result of this we have been 100% successful in planning consents being granted to date.

On this note I would congratulate all at Situ8 for their hard work and wish them a prosperous future."

RJ Morcom, Cornwall Homes Ltd


After two architects, a planning consultant and an abortive appeal to obtain planning permission for a new domestic residence, we were put in touch with Situ8. Their expertise, perseverance and attention to detailed resulted in planning permission being obtained for which we are grateful. Now nearly 10 years after purchasing our building plot the build is on its way and we will soon be moving into our dream house.

Many thanks

Mr & Mrs Powers